Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why are we going American?

Of late I have noticed that across the globe people prefer to acquire the American accent, tune their songs in the American Rock style and even adapt to the American style of living. There's nothing wrong or right about it but the only issue is that the traditional value systems and the deep rooted cultures are getting obliterated. The British ruled us and taught us a language which gave us confidence to internationalise ourselves, but I think what kept us bound were our traditional values. Though the Japs and the Brits were similarly holding on to their value systems, they too are round the corner and adapting fast to Americanisation. The Germans and other Europeans are towing the line. Have you heard a Chinese speak English? It appears that they have rolled out of Boston or Louisiana. I can understand if someone has to, day in and day out interact with Americans, say, such as a BPO, but I do not see any justification in Radio Jockeys or TV Anchors acquiring that style...even the dressing sense!! Talking about dressing sense, well, women do not need a dress any more!! They are better equipped otherwise. No offence meant to the fairer sex, but we all are learning to accept nudity in various 'forms'. Stimulation towards sex is only in regression for reasons of stress coming to us with consumerism (part of Americanisation), added by phenomena such as these.
I am a consultant in the corporate world offering my services in various areas and to my delight I find manufacturing is still untouched with this element. It strongly is feeling its presence in IT and ITES. The Retail sector is getting swayed into it for reasons of consumerism; shoppers are mostly from the IT and ITES. Perhaps the only advantage that I am deriving, is to get to observe that the generation X was deprived of any attitude of diffidence towards the Euro-Americans! I pray to the Almighty to bring in more such advantages notwithstanding the fact that it should be more pervasive and make inroads to the rural and agrarian sectors as well.