Monday, September 15, 2008

Boss! Are You There??

This is a two-day workshop based on the Best Seller, ‘First Break All The Rules’ by Marcus Buckingham. Most of you know that the book is an account of 25 years of research by The Gallup Organisation, which interviewed 80,000 managers across the globe working with different verticals and also different domains. The book was written after the compilation of the report by Gallup. This book has sent ripples in the thought processes of managers.
This module has been conceived, designed and facilitated by Mr Dhruva Trivedy, who has had more than two decades of training interface with different verticals in India and abroad. The title of the workshop had been rechristened to bring it closer to the hearts of working managers, who would be able to identify themselves with real-life situations.
This workshop is perhaps the first of its kind.

It enables our corporate managers with a contemporary precept that improves productivity, reduces attrition and helps to come out of conventional thinking that does not work in the existing scenario. Also to assist in bringing about clarity in building capabilities that not only sustain but help to have an edge in the prevailing competition.

The photographs and the comments uploaded here are from the workshop that was recently conducted for Suzlon Energy Limited, who have embarked on a Gallup Study in the recent past and thought that this workshop would be a useful induction for their senior and middle level managers.
Sl. No.
Course Feedback
About Facilitator
Plan of Action
Critical analysis of role play. How to manage/conduct interview, How to manage Boss.
The Facilitator was very good and knowledgeable, the discussions were interactive. The needs of the workshop were well met by the facilitator.
· Will establish system to have quarterly appraisal of subordinates.
· Will discuss the importance of this workshop and how it will help colleague/manager and the organization.
· Take up PPM with boss.
The complete course. I think the objective is achieved.

· Start quarterly review of Goals.
· Practice 4 keys as a manager.
· Casting and people as per the roles requirement.
Critical analysis of the role play done which helped in course objectives coming though.

· Four keys of successful hiring the process and importance.
· Casting
· Review process and its productivity.
· Take up PPM with Boss.
The Exercises done were fantastic where by we were the actors & later on we were informed about the short comings in us & improvement ways.
Mr. Trivedy should be given more assignments in our company and on a regular basis as he makes you understood the basic concepts clearly.
· How a Boss should be (Ideal Boss).
· Four keys.
· Talent Search.
· IPNI………….etc.
Very best knowledge sharing…..
· Hunting the talents.
· Set the expectations.
· Deal with Boss.
I clearly understood as a senior what I suppose to do. How to handle my junior colleagues and subordinates.
Knowledgeable and good orator.

Session on team building and personal effectiveness scale were particular found most suitable to me.

Selection of talent; what great managers said and the casting process.

· Interview skills.
· How to select a person.

Set goals with your colleague understood weakness develop them.
· Process of selecting new recruit, knowledge skill, and talent.
· How to assign roles based on the talents.

· Don’t waste time in working on weakness work on strengths it will yield faster results.
· Try to find out trigger talent and knowledge and skills can be imported but talent has to be in born.
· Interviewing techniques:- Open ended questions, talent interview not to be clubbed with skill and knowledge interview.
· Selection of right person for night job is the key to success.
· Explaining.
· Visual part understanding.

· Method.
· Quality.
· Experience.
· Fun & Teach.
· Behavior.
Exercises were relevant is my experience and learning level.
Knowledgeable person.

Objectives were clearly defined.

· Analysis of individual team members in view of learning from the course.
· Definite / Planned performance review of the team member.
Exercise – Building a tower.

· Interviewing techniques.
· Know talent areas of juniors.
Self interpretations.
Selling Expectation goal.

· Selection of talent.
· Intro-inspection.
· Motivation to team.
· Four keys
· Gallup Study.
· Interviewing skills.

· Four keys.
· Interviewing skills.
· Performance Management.
· Exercise on introspection.
Talent search and Interview.
Rich experienced & knowledgeable in the course field.
· Introspection.
· Feedback mechanism.
· Interview tips.

· How to conduct a interview.
· How to behave with Boss.
· Casting a role.
How to take interviews.