Monday, March 26, 2012

Live without expectations!

As you grow over the ages you realise, one after the other, that your noble acts are not to be done with an expectation of anything in return. This realisation happens in concentric circles of your relationships. The farthest are the least that you expect from and the nearest you do have expectations galore. But as you age, you find that your 'near and dear' ones also fail to deliver, when you most need them. That is why the sages have said over the years, that all your relations are a result of 'Maya', the most transient and impermanent of all creations. It is not that the world's a useless place. It offers you the best achievement, where one gains experience and through that experience his realisation comes in, when elements of wisdom begin to creep in. Man grows out of his sphere of intelligence, intellectuality and perches on a steeple where he begins introspection on all that he ought not to have done in life and what he ought to have. He also treads circumspectly for future. The perch now bonds him with spirituality and he let's go off all his shackles and wants to be a free bird...a sanyasi...without any attachment whatsoever...
I am tempted to cite the four ashrams shown here, that exists in everyone's life and what have been prescribed by our elders. I didn't realise it was so much of a reality. Every minute that I am spending is recounting what has been preached here. I wish success in everyone's life and at the same time suggest not to be attached to those successes else failures would be very painful. Pain also should be viewed in an unattached way.