Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our preparations for Commonwealth Games - A cultural change needed

Recently some Government of India officials paid a visit to China and came back with the comments published in the newspapers, that it was not only a question of infrastructure but managing things well. For India is it a far cry, even though so much is being invested for the Commonwealth Games 2010? Look at citizens jumping red lights after 61 years of independence!!
The beautiful Metro and BRT infrastructure becoming large and sprawling spittoons with shoe sole marks up on the wall to add to the d├ęcor. Regimented discipline is what we abhor, but where is the evolved self discipline? Blue-line buses were always the heavy-weights around, and after a galloping record of upholding the 'killer' record, they have now chosen to block the traffic turning on to the left, which has no waiting scheduled by rules.
The jams in the capital are less because of infrastructure detours, but more because we have picked it up as a matter of right to overtake wherever possible, specially in crowded clusters. And then to add to our woes are the scooterists and motor-cyclists who wish to do the marathon or replicate 'Dhoom' on the crowded roads of Delhi. Lane-driving? Only a concept on paper. The traffic cops are stringently endeavouring to stop overspeeding on empty roads, but they would never be seen to ease out traffic on crowded and indisciplined roads, where bull-dozing is the state of the art technique to drive.
I would love to have opinions ventilated on this blog, so that we could DO something about our city not for the sake of the Commonwealth Games, which may well be regarded as a motive that has the support of the Government, but moreso for our own quality of lives....perhaps a cultural change required for we Delhiwallahs!