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Sri Sri Krishna Kali

The pictures relate the sad story of the incomplete restoration work of the temple. Mahashivaratri was celebrated with the same devotion as done every year.
The pictures below show the fervour with which Sri Kalipuja was celebrated before the temple was devastated by the fire.

These are no ordinary pictures..........from New Delhi!
They are of Sri Sri Krishna Kali...Lord Krishna assuming the form of Mother embodiment of the Supreme and the Supreme Power...Paara Brahma and Shakti...only to indicate that He who is the Creator, the Benefactor and the Destroyer is also the Power behind. Shakti is usually worshipped in female form because She is the Inspirer, the Motivator and primarily the Action. This is a concept and philosophy that holds more relevance in today's ambience. What good is all your planning and strategising unless you convert that into Action for implementation? More and more devotees of Shakti are emerging in today's context...there are more pilgrimages than ever to Jwalamukhi and Vaishnodevi...more number of Jaagran and more and more TV serials on the subject. Publicity is one aspect and the need is the other.
It is said that when Lord Vishnu (Pundarikaksha) was incarnated as Sri Krishna, Lord Vishnu's consort and inspiration Goddess Mother Lakshmi (the word Lakshmi emanates from the word Lakshya, which in Sanskrit means goal) was incarnated as Sri Radha in the Dwapad Yuga [age/era](The evolution of ages occurred thus: Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapad Yuga and Kali Yuga). Sri Radha could never marry Sri Krishna as did Sri Rama with Sri Sita in the Treta Yuga for the reason stated hereinafter.
Once when a bhakta (devotee) was discussing various aspects of bhakti (devotion), existence, birth and death with Lord Vishnu, Goddess Mother Lakshmi got upset and cursed the bhakta. The bhakta got enraged and cursed Goddess Mother Lakshmi thus: You got upset like a human being, may you go to the world and take birth as a human being. When Radha realised her mistake, she felt aggrieved for she cannot stand separation from Lord Vishnu and asked for ‘sapa vimochanam' (redemption from the curse). Lord Vishnu consoled her, saying that he would take birth as Krishna to Devaki and Vasudeva and would be reared up by Yasoda and Nandagopa in
Brindavan and she can take birth in Brindavan and enjoy his presence always as a maid to Krishna. She took birth (before the incarnation of Krishna) as the child of Maharaja and came to Brindavan and took care of the child Krishna as a Gopi and there was a divine form of love that prevailed between the two.
However the love between Sri Radha and Sri Krishna has always been epitomised. The allegorical love of Sri Radha has found expression in some great poetical works of Govinda Das, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and Jayadeva the author of Geet Govinda. So intense was the love that Sri Radha was granted a boon by Sri Krishna himself that the world would alsways refer to the couple with Sri Radha's name pronounced before Sri Krishna's, eg., Radha Krishna and NOT Krishna Radha. The divine love could not find a marital bliss. It is true that marriage arrangements had taken place. Plans were being made for the marriage of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna, but Yogamaya Purnamasi-devi came and put a halt to that marriage. She told the parents, "This marriage cannot take place. Their astrological charts are not compatible; their naksatra (constellations) are not well matched. One important sign is missing, and that makes it inauspicious for their marriage. No, no. This marriage must not take place. Abhimanyu,
the son of Jatila, is from the richest family in Vraja. He is
fully qualified, very capable and endowed with all good qualities. He should marry Her." In this way the marriage of Radhika and Abhimanyu took place. It is believed by some that the marriage took place between chaya (shadow images). Sri Krishna's shadow, Abhimanyu, married Sri Radha's shadow.
Now this Abhimanyu Yadav (also called Ayan Ghosh by Bengalis) was a great devotee of Goddess Mother Kali who is the embodiment of Shakti (Dynamic Power of the Universe). Jatila and Kutila (Abhimanyu's sister) did not relish the fact that Sri Radha was time and again going out to see Sri Krishna, as she was married to Abhimanyu and had to confine herself to the shackles of 'this worldly' marriages and stay within limits of societal norms. Therefore one fine day they decided to inform Abhimanyu about Radha's meeting Sri Krishna so often. They expected a bombshell and that is what happened. Abhimanyu picked up a 'Khadga'[a sword] and shouted, "Jai Maa Kali" and in rage walked out of the house to slay Sri Krishna. That is when news reached Sri Radha through the woods carried by her 'sakhis' [friends] that Abhimanyu was following her and Sri Krishna and that once found, he would slay both.

Sri Krishna is always worhipped with yellow 'champa' [magnolia champaca] flowers.
Everyone was offering these flowers at His feet and the news reached that Abhimanyu was raging through woods to 'catch' Sri Radha and Sri Krishna 'red handed'. When Sri Radha fell at His feet and begged Him to save all, He turned to Sri Radha and said, "Radhey, please stop offering these flowers and offer 'gurhal' [hibiscus rosa sinensis] instead, which is used fo worshipping Goddess Maa Kali, at My feet. Do not worry as I am with you." When Abhimanyu Yadav reached the spot, he could not believe his eyes. He couldn't see Sri Krishna there.
Instead he saw Goddess Maa Kali and he inadvertantly uttered, "Jai Maa Kali!!" This vision explained to him that who is Sri Krishna is also Maa Kali. That who is the Supreme is also the Power.
Puri (Orissa) - on the eastern side of the Jagannath Temple
Vrindavan (Uttar Pradesh) - on to the north of Rangaji Temple
New Delhi (Delhi) - in D- block Chittaranjan Park, South Delhi - two major events apart from daily worship twice a day - Janamahashtami & Kali Puja (coincides with Diwali)

Bloggers are requested to inform if there are any more such temples!!


Krishna said...

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, power, luxury, beauty, fertility, and auspiciousness. She holds the promise of material fulfillment and contentment. She is described as restless, whimsical yet maternal, with her arms raised to bless and to grant her blessings.

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People Matter To Me said...

The temple in New Delhi was devastated by a fire in the wee hours of 20th December 2009. The fire destroyed the entire structure , but not the symbolic deity, except for small repairable damages here and there. The worshippers continued to pour in incessantly, and on the 30th January 2010, the work for restoration was commenced upon. Everything was smoothly happening, till on the 5th of February, some very junior staff of the Municipal Corporation appeared and pushed down the wall that had come up. When they were questioned as to why they did that, they confessed that they had acted at the instigation of a lawyer living in the neighbourhood. Within a couple of hours some senior officials revisited the temple site and announced that the Municipal Corporation had nothing to do with it as the land did not belong to the Corporation nor to The Delhi Jal Board whose office premises start from behind the temple.
Work was resumed at the site, but to be impeded by the local police, this time again at the instance of the same lawyer.
Work was again stalled and statements were recorded by the police as if a crime had been committed. As a rejoinder to the complaint the neighbourhood and the Association monitoring the activities of the temple provided all the evidence of the existence of the temple for the last twenty two years (some recent photographs of the rituals have been uploaded here. The local police also washed off its hands from initiating an action against the temple after a long drawn struggle by the Association. The resumption of the restoration work is now awaited.
The questions therefore are: (1)Are lawyers such as these, custodians of law, which is based on the norms of the society or are they against social and community feelings, emotions and sentiments? (2) Do we have 'asuras' in the form of such people as this lawyer in question, in the 21st century trying to restrain spirituality?

People Matter To Me said...
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People Matter To Me said...

Attempts were again made yesterday to restart the restoration work only to be obstructed by the lawyer and the police which was summoned this time through police help number of 100.

dwaipayan said...

source of this story? which scripture is it taken from? please tell.

dwaipayan said...

source of this story? which scripture is it taken from? please tell.

People Matter To Me said...

@Dwaipayan - the source is the puranas!